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Sony Ericsson mobile W350i

The new Sony Ericsson mobile W350i is first and foremost a mobile music phone. The first striking thing about the phone is its unconventional looks. It is a light phone at 80 grams weight, and the dimensions are 104 mm x 43 mm by 10.5 mm or in other words, tall and narrow. It is available in four colours including electric purple, magnetic grey, black champagne. Other than communication the phone is aimed basically at music lovers as one can make out from the body of the phone.

Unconventional looks:
The phone flap slides out to expose a keypad with well laid out keys covered with plastic like but quality material on which one wouldn’t mind typing even for a long duration of time. When slid up, the controls necessary to play the music can be seen. The design of the player is such that it can be easily used when the user is walking or travelling. However, the ‘D’ pad seems to be made for nimble fingers and people not gifted with such talons might find it a bit inconvenient.

Sony Ericsson mobile price in india for small phones have been slightly more than other phones having the same features, the quality more than compensating for the price differential. The Sony Ericsson W350i price however is extremely easy on the pocket at less than Rs. 5000 is good value for money.

Sacrifices for a good cause:
This phone understandably at the given price does not include niceties like the wi-fi. The camera is only 1.3 mega pixel and does not have auto focus or the flash option. The screen is TFT touchscreen, which is quite good. Although it is a music phone, the phone memory is small at 14 MB; there is however, a slot available for extended memory of up to 4GB, which is decent enough. Several features have been sacrificed, especially the ease of net connectivity, file transfer and camera functions; the quality of the features included does compensate for it.

The Sony Ericsson W350i is a very basic phone, good for basic functions. The best features of this phone are the quality of the keypad on which you could keep typing messages despite the fact that the keypad is basic, and not QWERTY, the music player can be operated with ease even when travelling, and it is very affordable. This phone is obviously aimed at students and young people, is indeed good value for money.

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