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Nokia’s Chance

Nokia and Microsoft are the two big brands who have joined their hands together in providing a better mobiles and smartphone system to the market. They claim to bring better products that will be full of benefits for the users. One cannot ignore the fact the Microsoft has been a leader in the market for PC’s with only Apple as its main competitor. Linux comes next in line. Nokia, for a long time has been leading the race of staying at the top with the help of their Symbian Operating System. But with this announcement of the Nokia-Microsoft deal, it has raised the question of their alliance and if this alliance is a hit, it might increase differences even more.

Even though the market is raving about the death of Symbian OS, the experts believe that the Symbian will not yet make its exit. In spite of the fact that the world’s biggest phone making company is changing to Microsoft Windows 7 mobile phone as its smartphone, Symbian is here to stay according to the experts. It might lack some of the better facilities that are being provided by Microsoft phones, it still has many benefits to its name.

The Nokia-Microsoft alliance on the other hand claims to provide even better quality services. This opens up a new window altogether for Nokia. As it is an alliance that will attract only positive critics towards it, this will make its popularity raise more. The microprocessor will make it an easy user interface with fewer complications. Also the flexibility of the OS will make it easy to switch from one program to the other fast. This means that the OS will not hang as it used to previously when something heavy was being operated. This also means that the memory storage will not affect the speed of the device. remove trojan

Nokia is planning to come out with a wide range of smartphones with Microsoft as their Operating System. This means it is ready to provide a tough competition to the other brands that are launching smartphones in the market with other Operating Systems. This will help Nokia to rise from its current position, which has declined in the past some time. But Nokia has to be very careful while working on this, as Nokia has to concentrate on making quality products to compete, rather than just concentrating on the quantity. This alliance can turn into a very beneficial deal for Nokia provided it makes use of it in a thoughtful manner.

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