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New Nokia Mobile Phones


Nokia mobile phones India covers whole segments, it has phone from cobbler to tycoon. The handsets prices suit Indian consumers’ pockets and it takes care of people’s needs. There are diverse products meeting different consumer segments such as entry level phones, business device and multimedia gadgets offering high performance of music, imaging and gaming.
Nokia mobiles have proved its innovation in the mobile industry by winning in 2004, the Golden Peacock Award. Nokia mobile handsets feature value for money. Nokia successfully has made a sound reputation that beating this giant is a paramount task. There are many reasons for Nokia capturing the markets and to be regarded to be the best.

Valid Reasons:

• Inexpensive cell phones- Nokia is offering cell phones that are inexpensive and cost effective. Nokia has never compromised quality and features and this advantage has made it move faster and the basic feature of translating into an inexpensive cell phone, particularly in Asia has proved its worth.

• Service- Nokia has service centers all around and this has made it more service friendly. Nokia revert rates is the best and they also offer warranty periods that are over all other mobile manufacturers. This quality makes it the best mobiles in the market today.

• High Resale Value- Nokia is the most preferred mobile owing to its resale value. Nokia mobiles have highest resale value and give the owners almost fifty percent of its original cost. The resale value increases if you buy another Nokia handset.

Added Advantage :

Cheap handsets are the added advantage that Nokia becomes an excellent option. The best point is that it is cheap, but comes with useful technological features.

Nokia mobile phones are elegant and stylish. Precisely, you can see a slim phone, lighter in weight, small in dimension and is popular among the sleek gadgets. The style features are great with easy to use buttons and smooth back design.

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