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China being the country with the highest population in the globe with over 1.3 billion people according to on earth Bank reports in 2012 must have many mobile phone subscribers than in all other country in the globe. A newly released statement published suggest that more than 1 billion people in China own or have access to mobile phone service or mobile gadget. To be able to take care of this massive demand, many China brands have come about with some other China smartphones that are offered to a large number of Chinese people due to their unique features along with their very affordable prices. Chinese brands have emerged defeating other European and western brands in the mobile phone manufacturing industries. The China smartphones are certainly not wanted in China or Asia alone but have become the best mobile brands that are being purchased in all over the world. China mobile phone has been capable to complete globally with mobile phone brands mostly because cheap price. In this period of economic depression in most regions of the planet, the China handset or China brand pocket friendly prices in addition to top quality are already noticed by all people in the whole worldand that’s why the china phone industry is now an instant hit. The sales of China phones have sky-rocketed along with the Chinese govt has been able to collect a substantial amount in taxies and levies from the China brands phone producers. The emergence of the China brand and China brand has witnessed major economic mergers where western telecom enterprises have desired help with china. Google, a United States company online sought help from a number of china brand to help in marketing and promoting of its brand new Android Smartphone operating system. China brands have been in the frontline of on earth market on Mobile phone manufacturing. Huawei, a China brand has recently made and sold more than 20 million Smartphones internationally which makes it the greatest Chinese Cell phone manufacturer. China mobile handsets are generally better other handsets because of their unique features as well as their affordable prices. A number of unique features include features such as multiple Sim support, High processer speeds that could be clocked to various GHZ, android os support, Mobile TV and a large number ofadditional features. Most or all China mobile handsets or smartphones range below $400 regardless of their functions. Their cheap price tags have enabled China brands to be able to sell a lot more mobile smartphones to many countries than from any other handset manufacturers. China brands or cell phone manufacturers have another competitive edge than its other cell phone producers because they can design and make a whole cell phone on their own without importing any hardware parts or knowledge from other countries. The China brands are the core in this mobile phone manufacturing companies as they also import China phone chips to other handset producers in other countries. Various western handset manufacturers have opened branches or making plants in China to be able to tap Chinese knowledge, many Chinese citizens are now hired by these western brands.