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Best Mobile Phones in Pakistan

Mobiles have come a long way from being a luxury accessory to being a necessity. In the early days a mobile would be more of a communication tool rather than being all in one device. As technology evolved so did the mobiles. The market has become congested with a new handset being launched every other day. We look at what features make a best mobile phone.

Design: It’s the very first noticeable feature of a mobile. A good and sleek design adds to the beauty of a handset.
Size: Gone are the days of bulky and huge handsets. The mobile users have become more selective about the size of a handset.

Operating System: Today’s mobiles are expected to be adept at handling complicated tasks and yet efficient. The operating systems play crucial role in achieving this goal. An Android operating system has become the first preference for a mobile user.

Camera: An indispensible part of today’s mobile phone, a camera with high pixels, great photo and recording quality gives it a definite edge over other competitors.

Web browsing experience: The advent of 2G and 3G technology has made it possible for mobile users to surf the net on their handsets. Services like GPRS offered by mobile operators have only contributed in enhancing the web browsing experience.

Games: Who can forget the classic game Snake which came with early nokia handset? Games have always been an indispensible part of mobiles. Office Softwares: To cater to the needs of working professionals, nowadays mobiles come loaded with office softwares adding to the versatility of a mobile. Softwares like Adobe, MS Office suite feature regularly as a part of office software.

Memory: Very few mobile phones come with very limited internal storage space. The user has personal data like videos and photos that needs to be stored. For this purpose the mobiles come with a slot of external storage.

Multimedia support: A mobile phone without an mp3 player or a radio support is an absolute non-starter with mobile users. No mobile phone is considered complete without an mp3 player and radio player in it. Connectivity: Another compulsory feature for a handset is support for technology like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi.

Price: Quality doesn’t come cheap. No wonder the best mobile phones are cheap but yet they give value for money. They justify their price tag with features that simply makes the mobile users go crazy about it.

The year 2010 has seen several big smartphone launches including the Apple iPhone 4. Some other big launches of the year have been the smartphones based on Google’s mobile OS Android. Android powers many of the smartphones launched during the year. Other Now you know what makes a best mobile, go ahead and select the one of your choice. If you are having difficult time choosing a handset we suggest you try the following handsets Apple Iphone4, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Desire, Nokia N8, and Motorola Milestone XT720.