HTML5 smart Phones

The Scope

Today, cheap internet plans by network service providers and affordable handsets have lead to an increase in domestic demand of software applications for multi-media mobiles and tablet PCs. The current 3G and yet to be released 4G network is going to revolutionize the way Indians serve internet in the coming years. Globally according to Morgan Stanley research, number of mobile Internet users will rival that of the desktop Internet users in 2013.
HTML 5 as universal platform for mobile self services

HTML 5 is designed from ground up, so that it can simultaneous be used on desktop, laptops, tablet PCs and smart-phones, without any significant change in its programming, as the language used is understandable to all. The developers don’t need to write different applications for different platforms, thus saving development cost.

A smart phone with HTML 5 don’t have to download Adobe flash or any other software to play video. It’s the simplicity and compatibility of the HTML web design which makes it user friendly and cheaper to adapt on a multi-media handset, than Adobe flash or any other applications, which one has to download from the internet.

Many banks in India and aboard, allow their customers to manage their own accounts and transact over their mobiles. Now one can easily book tickets on their mobile and get boarding details while on transit, for trains , airlines and bus service.

Till now most of the traffic for self service through internet is limited to desktop and laptop users, which mainly has to do with the sense of security and comfort ones has grown over the years. But with improved safety and security features, monetary transaction over mobile is fast catching up, especially among the young and upwardly mobile population in India.

HTML web designs have multiple layers of codes built into the programme which makes any kind of monetary transaction safe. And secured. HTML is a open source programme, which is readily available to all free of cost, and anyone can add features into the platform, which leads to cheaper development expenses.

Setting up high speed broadband infrastructure over vast distance is expensive. Hence wireless is the future for a country like India.

Companies have realized the benefits of HTML based web designs on mobile, as the application on this platform are interactive and flexible in nature. It allows people to interact with the company anywhere and at anytime.

HTML 5, together with growth in smart phone penetration, could see a lot more people interacting with companies using their mobile devices.

According industry expert Kevin Meltzer, co-founder of specialist self-service company Consology, low-cost smart-phones and low data plans have opened up a new big self-service market.

“Though companies have been able to offer mobile self-service using options such as USSD and Interactive Voice Response, these are not as feature-rich and engaging as their web offerings. The limitations of cellphones traditionally restrained what companies could do with mobile self-service,” said Mr Meltzer, in a recent interview to a tech website.

In future, HTML 5 will be the mobile operating systems of choice for self-service solutions to mobile users.

The Advantage

HTML 5 based web design applications are developed only once for the whole range of smart-phones and tablet PCs, rather than custom-developing for every device. It offers portability, location awareness, all time connectivity and high penetration. To ensure rapid adoption of the mobile service channel, companies need to keep customers need in mind as well as the devices capabilities.


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