Goldmine on mobile

When economic is growing at a low pace, enterprises such as SMEs should seek more channels for development.

Many e-businesses have moved onto mobile phones, since there are a large number of mobile phone users who can view the information on the internet, E-business conductors should also develop more channels.

China’s mobile advertising market could become another goldmine for advertising agencies featuring on undeveloped and segmented markets.

In China there are more than 63 million smart phone users through more than 13,000 mobile applications. China’s mobile phone users exceeded 1 billion this year, statistics from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology showed. It is a great market for e-business conductors and entrepreneurs to post advertisement and expand the business.

China’ mobile phone markets are fragmented since different regions may have different policies and fees, which generate roaming fees easily. Additionally, China’s mobile phone payment sector remains young and less ordered.

Internet service providers, e-business service providers all are confident about the mobile phone markets and they have invested a lot in software and other connection technologies among different ISP or different e-business operators.

IBUonline is a B2B foreign trade business platform, which has planned to launch smart phone software for international buyers and China suppliers to communicate on mobile phones and process payment on mobile phones.

While foreign trade may involve a large sum of money so please take cautions on mobile payment.

IBUonline moving onto mobile phone platform will benefit many SMEs since the products posted by SMEs can be views on smart phones.

Now the mobile phone version and software is still under development, you can visit IBUonline homepage for more details on foreign trade.


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